Sunday, December 18, 2011

Project: Bakinocaua

a lame but cool temporary title card :)

"Bakinocaua" is a short 2d animation that Studio Natu; Alben and I (Tsad) are making. we've actually just started pre-production some months ago and we've had a fair number of works since then, including; character designs, creature designs and a few revisions of the story. we decided to make this blog just so we could have an intact record of the production and at the same time share our process and progress to others. This is basically a labor for passion, for dreams and for fun! :D

to kick it off. i'd like to take you first on some early concepts i had for this project. i came up with the story around two years ago and we've been improving and changing stuffs ever since; like the designs and the names and all. there's a lot of inspirations for it but one main rough basis would be the old Filipino mythical dragon -yes. the 'bakunawa'. here are some early sketches i did before.

(click to enlarge)

name is different as this was an early sketch of the creature-god
i also made this for a creature design challenge

at this point, it had another change of title; 'balyan ispiritu'
this is 'Arius', the main character

and then. here are some awesome and cute research sketches for the characters, their outfits and other creatures, made by my very good friend Alben Tan.

(click to enlarge)

cute creatures -i like this set

more cute creatures :) 

creatures pa jud


and that's our first look at Project: Bakinocaua. hope u like it! -and we're hoping you'd join us as we continue in making this dream come true :)

Studio Natu

yey! it's here!

Studio Natu is an animation and film studio founded by Tsad De Lira and Alben Tan on who-ever-knows-when in their really-none-existent studio :D

i know this deserves a better intro and a better title logo. but just for the need of it. for now. i think this will do haha

-tsad and alben :)